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Identical twins Wendy and Michelle Arbeit have been designing for as long as they can remember: Michelle’s drawing of a chicken was highly prized by her elementary school art teacher, and at age five Wendy won the Audubon Zoo’s “Do the Zoo” art contest.  Wendy recently discovered her high school Geometry class notebook, which was filled with more doodles of ice skating penguins than math (to this day she can’t find the volume of a cone, but she can draw you a pretty awesome penguin!).


Wendy and Michelle’s background in mixed media, sculpture, painting, and photography has greatly influenced their vision, and their natural talent has been further enhanced through higher education in New York, Massachusetts, England, Italy, and an intensive surface pattern and textile design program in California.  They are inspired by the unusual and the ordinary alike—grinning pumpkins, dancing flowers, whimsical fruit, and of course, chickens and ice skating penguins are all fair game.


Lulet means “flowers” in Albanian” and “pearl” in Amharic; like them, Lulet designs are fresh, colorful, and joyful!

To learn more about Wendy and her fine art, CLICK HERE!

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