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The Full (and Totally, Completely True) Story of...

Once upon a time, the famed explorer Sir Wilhelm Bakkelander II (doctor, scientist, aviator, philanthropist, sciolist, coxcomb, man about town, and overall Explorer Extraordinaire) found himself in the unusual position of being stranded on a small uncharted island off the coast of New Zealand. As a storm was brewing, he sought shelter in a nearby glow-worm cave. Suddenly he heard a series of faint giggles. As the giggles grew louder, he used a glow-worm as a light beam, and it illuminated the most fantastical set of cuddly creatures.


The creatures crawled all over him with interest, sniffing behind his ears and between his toes. Their continuous giggles sounded like little beeps.


Covered in brightly-colored fur, with two sparkling googly eyes, they sported horns that curved upwards or downwards and had curiously long curled tails.  Sir Bakkelander adjusted his monocle and noted with interest that they even had pets of their own—kittens and Pomeranians. He had never seen anything like this before (and remember, he was an Explorer Extraordinaire, so he’d seen it all). The creatures were small and impish, but as their horns looked like flexed muscles, they looked amazingly mighty, and so he named them Mighty Frighties (official scientific name Mightius Frightius Maximus).


Excitedly, Sir Bakkelander scooped the creatures into his wicker picnic basket, engineered a crude canoe out of palm fronds, and hurriedly rushed them back to his laboratory in England, where he carefully and extensively chronicled their giggles and eating habits (he noted his lab journal on Page 153, section 1, paragraph 12, that leftover pizza and flat soda were their favorites).


Gleeful to share his ground-breaking discovery, Sir Bakkelander gathered the Mighty Frighties in his picnic basket to present them at a prestigious conference (the Consortium for Imaginary Creatures Discovered Only on Remote Islands).  Once onstage he opened the basket with a flourish, only to discover that they were gone (and his lunch was missing). The audience gasped in shock as a thousand brightly-colored little fuzzy creatures giggled, beeped, and capered down the aisles and across tables before they fled the building.


The last the doctor heard from them was a postcard they sent from Miami, where they wrote all about their escapades.  The Mighty Frighties now have multiplied and continue to travel, seeking new adventures and new friends all over the world.

They are looking for forever homes -- catch one today!

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